Friday, May 28, 2010

The girls had so much fun in the fountain. It took Taryn a little while to brave the middle but she did it.

I love it when the girls play together. They had a good time playing on the couch hugging each other while I took their picture.

We went to the mall to get something... can't remember what it was but we came back looking like this. The girls loved getting their faces painted and getting balloons.

Maylie loved it so much that she wanted to wear it to preschool the next day.

Maylie's 5

So Maylie did turn 5 in April and I'm now posting about it. Sorry.... She had a wonderful day playing with friends at Clemyjontri Park, having pizza and eating flower cupcakes.

Sorry for the side picture. I've been hiding this dollhouse for about 4 months prior to her birthday. Maylie was so excited to get it. Everytime she comes into Pottery Barn Kids she is playing with it.

My beautiful princess. So happy to have you in the family. Love you so much.