Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sisterly bonding time.
Taryn's feet are still cute even if they are wrinkly. Just got out of the tub. Washing up from swimming in the pool.
Taryn loves to give kisses even if your on the toilet.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alright here's the story about why I have staples in my head. I've been making quiet books or file folder activities (whatever you want to call them) for the girls. Alot of cutting and laminating going on. I thought I had thrown away some pieces that were done. I had just taken out the garbage to the dumpster a couple of hours before. So in between the pouring down rain we were having cause of a storm Mandirae and I went down to grab the garbage to look through it. As we were looking the lid to the garbage can fell down on us. Now this lid is not plastic. It's so heavy that you have to lift it with two hands. Mandirae broke her nose and has had surgery since the accident a week ago today and is recovery fine. I got my staples out this morning and was finally able to wash my hair.

Maylie's last day of preschool this year. She didn't want to hold up her certificate instead she wanted to hold to balls with cats on them. I thought about putting her in preschool where you actually have to pay but decided to do joy school again. Teaching every 6 weeks isn't bad at all.